Cheeks that are well-defined improve the facial profile and help create balance. Some have never had well-contoured cheeks and others have lost volume with age. To restore fullness and a more youthful appearance, consider cheek augmentation in Englewood, New Jersey. Chin augmentation can improve the attractiveness of the face by restoring its shape.

During cheek augmentation, our dentists can inject dermal fillers beneath the skin in specific locations. The filler then plumps up the skin from beneath, augmenting facial feature and filling wrinkles.

Cheek augmentation with dermal fillers is entirely nonsurgical. To accomplish cheek augmentation, the filler can be injected above the cheekbones to achieve more definition or into the soft tissue of the cheeks to life the area and correct an aged or sunken appearance. Dr. Leon Greenberg and Dr. Nataliya Donskaya can individualize your treatment so that you can best achieve your esthetic goals.

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