Do you yearn for a fuller, more sensuous mouth? The lips tend to become thinner starting around our late 20s. Eventually, fine lines will begin to appear around the mouth. Using dermal fillers, our dentists can provide lip rejuvenation in Englewood, New Jersey.

Dr. Leon Greenberg and Dr. Nataliya Donskaya can make your lips look more youthful by placing a dermal filler along the borders of the lip. Redefining this edge leads to a more youthful, esthetic look. The fold that extends up towards the nose (cupid’s bow) can also be defined with an injection of dermal fillers. Lip rejuvenation may be recommended to:

  • Reverse a downward smile
  • Lengthen the mouth
  • Smooth out lines around the mouth
  • Add volume to thinning lips

During your appointment, our dentists will discuss your esthetic goals with you so that an individualized plan can be made. To learn more about lip rejuvenation with dermal fillers and to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact Elite Dental & Facial Esthetics at 201-304-7077 today.