Treat Unsightly Rosacea With the Help of BOTOX®

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Have you ever experienced a reddened facial complexion brought on by rosacea? This common, often chronic skin condition is triggered when an abundance of large blood vessels redden and irritate the superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis, in the cheek area of the face. Common triggers include stress, warm weather, spicy foods, alcohol and skin products, and can stay with you all year round.

Known as rosacea flushing, it can be a challenge to control and leave you frustrated and self-conscious. Rosacea has been the subject of much research by both dermatologists as well as cosmetic surgeons, and while there is no known cure yet, you can control the symptoms!

Rosacea’s effects typically manifest as red, swollen, and acne-like scars that leave you feeling embarrassed. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, there is a solution that involves the trusty BOTOX® vials. While most folks know Botox for its cosmetic use, this highly toxic protein is actually a great treatment for rosacea. Officially named Clostridium Botulinum A, this treatment actually lowers redness, often lasting for months at a time.

At Elite Dental and Facial Esthetics, our team is pleased to offer Botox for our patients in the New Jersey area to treat this unsightly skin condition. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Donskaya carefully injects tiny amounts of neuromodulators (commonly known by the brand names of BOTOX®, Dysport®, and XEOMIN®) into the epidermis. The beauty of this toxin is that it intervenes with the ability of the blood vessels beneath the skin to dilate. This, in turn, diminishes the surge of blood flow to the skin, effectively reducing and often eliminating unwanted facial redness.

Many patients have seen a significant reduction of redness for three to four months after just one single treatment. Dr. Donskaya considers this an impressive time span and one that topical treatments for rosacea just can’t compete with. While recent preliminary studies confirm that rosacea responds favorably to microdoses of Botox, more research is certainly needed. However, Dr. Donskaya is both confident and comfortable offering microdose Botox for patients to treat the temporary improvement of rosacea and restore self-confidence.

We understand that Botox for rosacea is a lot to consider, but if you have been desperately searching for a solution to an always-red complexion, a superficial shot of Botox may just be the answer. To learn more, we welcome you to give us a call at 201-304-7077 today!